Committed to the environment

Sustainable and eco-efficient

Resources are becoming increasingly scarce – as well as more expensive

Conscious and sustainable use of raw materials is becoming increasingly important.The environmental compatibility of our products results from the use of materials such as natural woods, annual plants, low-formaldehyde glue systems and a gentle, ecologically pioneering manufacturing process. The end products can be thermally recycled. Our products are manufactured using an absolutely innovative machine technology developed by us, the development of which was supported by the German Federal Environment Agency as part of a demonstration project.

These are our standards in the development and production of lisocore®

Natural fibres bind CO2 during the growth of the plant. This remains stored in lisocore®. The CO2 is only released again through incineration or rotting. Our products are CO2 neutral due to their material basis made from rapidly renewable raw materials.

Our products are predominantly manufactured from natural raw materials. The wood raw materials used primarily come from sustainably managed and/or certified forests.  The plant raw materials used are fast-growing annual plants that are mainly cultivated in Europe. (e.g. hemp, flax, kenaf).

Our products are particularly characterised by the efficient use of raw materials and energy. The patented material composite lisocore®, which only uses material where it is needed, is a prime example. This reduces the material input by up to 70%, with almost identical properties compared to solid materials.
Our attention is focused on avoiding the use of environmentally harmful substances. The core layers for the lightweight construction material lisocore® are produced from pre-impregnated nonwoven fibre web on high-precision press systems.The only by-product produced during the production process is water. It is therefore a particularly environmentally friendly alternative to systems containing phenol and formaldehyde. Energy-saving and heat-recovering extraction systems automatically adjust the required extraction capacity, which leads to a considerable reduction in emissions and savings in electrical energy.
The production of lisocore® uses state-of-the-art drilling and gluing technology to produce precision milling in the top layers, into which only very small quantities of low-formaldehyde glue systems are subsequently introduced. The panel residues generated during production can be disposed of thermally without any problems.
All of the ecological aspects described complement the diverse functional application aspects of our products to become the trend-setting benchmark for lightweight construction. It is our highest demand to offer environmentally compatible and future-oriented solutions that provide unique added value for our customers. From application to environmentally friendly disposal.

A completely new production process was created with the help of subsidies from the Environmental Innovation Program of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Building and Nuclear Safety.