What is lisocore®

The highly developed material composite for unique applications

lisocore® is a material-efficient high performance construction ­material. This modern material achieves its excellent properties thanks to its unique structure, which consists of at least two thin cover layers that are bonded together by a three-dimensional pressed core structure.
Selective milling of the cover layers creates recesses where the core structure finds a positive fit for a form-closed bond. A high-strength adhesive also ensures an adhesive bond.

lisocore® therefore features both form-closed and adhesive bonding.

This double bonding approach makes lisocore® unique from all other existing lightweight construction materials.

Patented basic structure with decisive effects

  • Thanks to the unyielding form-closed and adhesive bonding, the individual structure layers cannot slide against each other when bending loads are applied.
  • The shell structure absorbs intervening forces to particularly great benefit, so that an extremely high load-carrying action is achieved.
  • Loads no longer have to be absorbed by the adhesive alone between the individual composite components. Every composite component can be utilized to its specific physical load limit.
  • Thanks to the extremely thin shell structure design and the minimal use of adhesives, lisocore® is extremely material-efficient and resource-saving.

Form-closed and adhesive-bonded composite:

More than light

Unique through the sum of its benefits

Holistic optimization of product performance

Thanks to its special structure and great adaptability, lisocore® has exceptional properties. Discover unprecedented possibilities for meeting the varied demands on modern lightweight construction materials. In addition to its unique properties, lisocore® also naturally offers the benefits that have come to be expected of lightweight construction.

Facts that pay off

• Low self-weight
• Optimized load-carrying action
• High bonding strength
• High bending strength
• Low creep
• High dimensional stability
• Good flatness
• Low thickness tolerance
• High edge stability

Lengthwise and diagonal hollow spaces serve as installation levels

(for electrical equipment, for example)

Multilayered structures

Panel thickness can be flexibly adjusted to exact tenth of a millimeter dimensions

Milling depth determines panel thickness

Scalable versatility

The chameleon of structure, format and surface

The patented basic structure can be specially adapted

Panel formats

The format of the desired top layer determines the final panel format. All standard industry formats can be produced between the minimum format of 2000×1200 mm and the maximum format of 3100×2180 mm. Individual formats are available on request.

Panel thicknesses

Beyond the standard measurements, panel thicknesses up to 120 mm can be achieved with the multilayered structure. Custom thicknesses within the system limits are available upon request.

Cover layer thicknesses

Cover layer thicknesses from 3 to 19 mm are available.

lisocore® in practical applications

lisocore® is already being successfully machined and processed in various industries as the lightweight material of choice.

Extremely easy machining and processing with conventional tools and machines

Application examples that speak for themselves

• Free-form machining
• Narrow surface coating without a support edge or frame
• Retrospective surface coating possible
• Fittings mounted with clamps and screws
• Quick and secure screw fixtures (direct or using cold-melt anchor screw or blind rivet technology)

Imagination is considering all the possibilities

Thanks to the unique flexibility and versatility of its structure, the enormous design freedom, and its good mechanical properties, lisocore® has the potential to unlock unimagined application possibilities in the following fields, among others:

• Furniture and interiors
• Trade fair and store construction
• Caravans and motorhomes construction
• Office and property fit-out
• Ship and yacht construction
• Stage and scenery construction
• Packaging, transport, and logistics

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For best results, get personal with lisocore®

lisocore® offers space for infinitely creative ideas. Make use of the many different possibilities of lisocore® yourself.

Tell us your requirements – sketch out your projects and ideas for us. We can help you realize them with lisocore®.

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