Project Description

Modern design,
ultra-light weight

With the TRAVELINO, KNAUS is revolutionising the caravan market.

At KNAUS, the UltraLight range is all about lightweight construction. Alongside familiar topics such as sandwich construction or multicore materials, the materials and technologies used – such as COLDMELT – now offer new possibilities.
The interior fit-out is also a crucial part of producing a fully featured 4-berth caravan with a gross vehicle weight of just 750 kg.

With the compression moulding technology developed by lightweight solutions, the quality and design features of a modern automotive interior are now also available to the leisure and caravan market.

This method offers a straightforward and efficient way to produce compression moulded parts based on renewable raw materials in an industrial-scale manufacturing process.

Thanks to the assembly tabs created during the moulding process, the TRAVELINO’s weight-optimised ceiling panel element can be fixed to the caravan roof without using a single screw.